Perfect  Directions






We are constantly striving for the best route to maximise quality and budget through the latest technological offerings. We do this through making use of a variety of camera platforms and systems to efficiently produce a project that suits each client's criteria. Each member of the team has many years of first hand experience in the entire work-flow process from production to filming and editing. This gives us all a vital understanding and appreciation of every part of the creative process.


We provide the most effective way to bring your vision to life.



With many years of experience as operators and Directors of Photography we understand the diverse means used to film projects and bring them to life.

Being operators and directors means we not only have the creative vision, but also the skills to bring that vision to the screen.


From time-lapses to slow motion, underwater to aerial filming, even 360°, whatever the needs of the project we can make it happen.



One of our greater passions is the raw art of photography.


Our love of the art of photography means that we embrace all types of photography from wildlife to automotive, to scenery and tourism to architectural.


 Our passion for photography is extended into our film making which is simply a series of stills in motion.



We have extensive experience with editing, including a background in desktop publishing. Our in-house editing facilities can handle virtually any format or size of project. From documentaries to music videos, corporates to project pitches, we have the background and understanding to finish and edit to your exacting needs.


From sound design and post production to final delivery for broadcast, we handle the whole process.



Perfect Directions is an Adobe Certified Creative Cloud Reseller specialising in researching and implementing tailor made editing-specific solutions for Adobe products including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop and more. We would be more than happy to assist you with understanding how to make use of currently available hardware in order to continue supplying your client high quality imagery in line with the new digital age. Contact us to find out how you can improve your computer systems to run Adobe products seamlessly using a wide variety of formats.